Dear friends,

We started Coalition for Queens because we believe in the borough's potential to become a leading hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. In 2013 -- our second year as an organization -- we continued to work towards that goal, focusing our activities and taking incremental steps towards our mission of increasing opportunity for all New Yorkers.

We believe that tech can empower our community. That's why we launched the Access Code education program this past year as a foundational program to our nonprofit. We grew Queens Tech Meetup to over 1,600 members, organized tech policy forums that connected local voters to mayoral and borough president candidates, and co-organized New York City's first conference on open source technology. We're grateful to have met so many amazing people from our community as we continue to strengthen friendships and partnerships through our work.

Thank you to all of our sponsors, donors, and volunteers who make our work possible. Your energy, dedication, and support fuel our efforts and continually remind of us of what makes our community so great.

2014 is going to be an awesome year. We're looking forward to all the great things in the coming year and to working with you to build our Queens tech community.

Jukay, Dave & the C4Q Team


Community Building

Building off the energy and momentum from 2012, we launched new initiatives in 2013 that further our goals of encouraging collaboration and fostering opportunities.

In addition to organizing Queens Tech Meetup, we co-led the Open Tech NYC Conference to talk about how open source technology drives NYC tech and provided early-stage startups with tailored advice on a variety of topics from experienced mentors at Startup Advisory Day. It was an inspiration to see all the companies and participants contributing and growing the Queens tech community.

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Queens Tech Meetup
Startup Advisory Day
Open Tech NYC

Over 20 startups presented at Queens Tech Meetup in 2013

Startup Advisory Day

Open Tech NYC Conference


Access Code

Our Access Code program trains the next generation of developers, entrepreneurs, and tech leaders. Drawing from the great potential of the underrepresented and underserved communities in Queens and NYC, Access Code creates a new talent pipeline that is inclusive of all New Yorkers, regardless of race, gender or economic background.

in Spring 2013, we developed and launched the pilot program for Access Code. Twenty-one talented individuals graduated from the inaugural class and are now successfully pursuing careers in tech. By gaining the skills most needed by New York City's promising tech companies, Access Code is increasing economic mobility and helping NYC tech companies grow.

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Access Code

Access Code Demo Day at local Queens tech company See.Me

Demo Day Keynote speaker Nihal Mehta

2013 Access Code Projects

Access Coders designed, built, and launched fully functioning iPhone apps. The 2013 student projects are available for download through the Apple App Store.


Eric of team Shutterchef presents their app at Access Code Demo Day

Student Highlights

Paola recently quit her job as an administrative assistant, and is now a full-time developer intern at mobile tech startup Viggle.
Felicia is inspiring others to learn how to code with her new venture Code Crew.
Sky is applying her design and coding skills as a full-time developer at ScratchMusic.
Michelle won a city-wide fashion hackathon with her new skills, then got hired as a full-time dev at Long Island City-based tech company WorldNow.
Andrew and Frank connected during Access Code and decided to start a company together. They're now designing and coding their own mobile app and are gearing up to launch their startup!



In the pivotal 2013 election year we enabled the tech community to connect with our elected officials and voice their ideas, needs, and concerns. To build upon Mayor Bloomberg's advancement of NYC tech over the past 12 years, we worked with candidates for Mayor and Queens Borough President to discuss their tech policies during two forums and and invited New Yorkers to share ideas on how to make our city an innovation capital with NYC Digital's Roadmap Listening Session.

After Mayor Bill de Blasio's election in November, we were honored to be appointed to his Transition Team alongside New York's most prominent civic and business leaders. We will continue to lay the foundation and advocate for the long-term growth and success of the Queens tech community.

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Mayoral Candidate Tech Policy Forum

Mayoral Candidates Tech Policy Forum

Queens Borough President Candidates Tech Policy Forum

NYC Digital Roadmap Listening Session

Jukay with Mayor Bill de Blasio at Inauguration



Coalition for Queens continues to grow because of the passion, support, and dedication of our community. Joined by volunteers, advisors, friends, and family, we celebrated our two year anniversary as a nonprofit organization by ringing the NASDAQ Opening Bell.

This year, we received our 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit status, grew our Board of Directors to include thought leaders in our community, and organized our very first fundraiser, the Queens Tech Bash. A special thanks to our amazing Summer Fellows, the NYU Social Entrepreneurship class, the Queens Tech Bash Planning Committee, and our volunteers for making all of our 2013 successes possible.

NASDAQ Opening Bell Ceremony

Official 501(c) Nonprofit Status

Board Members: Jessica Milner, Adam Belanich and Elias Roman

Inaugural Queens Tech Bash Fundraiser

2013 Summer Fellows

A special thanks to the talented team members, advisors, and industry leaders for helping us grow this past year.

2013 C4Q Family

Aaron Cohen
Elizabeth Fisher
Darren Kong

2013 Summer Fellows

Keith Calix
Crystal Stowell
Megan Taub


Ben Wei
Frank Denbow
Ian Fiedorek

Volunteers & Friends

Michael Chiang
Justin Dunham
Meghan Gill
Ben Guttman
Nicholas Hoenemeyer
Rachel Kamerman
Derek Kan
Joanne Kong
Vlado Lackovic
Peter Lada
Andy Lam
Veronica Ludwig
Austin Mazzella
Joly MacFie
Gregory Gundersen
Diana Guo
Paul Mendez
Lauren Mobertz
Jay Ramirez
Dion Ridley
Emil Skandul
Jeanne Su
Audrey Tan
Jennifer Vargas
Dan Vingo
Jonathan Yang
Jenny Ye
Simon Yi
Chi Zhao

Board of Advisors

Congressman Joe Crowley
Dawn Barber
Alex Garvin
Congresswoman Grace Meng
Cathy Dove
Reshma Saujani
Carol Conslato
Rachel Haot
Jessica Lawrence
Mark Peter Davis
Steve Choi

2013 Interns

Allyson Choon
Yondon Fu
Gehad Hadidi
Kevin Lin
Austin Lunny
Myra Oneglia

2013 NYU Social Entrepreneurship

Lyel Resner, Instructor & Friend
Alex Ferguson
Katrina Ma
Yindran Puspanathan
Shirley Yu

2013 Net Impact

Deborah McCoy
Cody Myers
Corey Green
Nathaniel Little
Yi Rong

Queens Tech Bash Committee

Amy Wang, Chair
Alfonso Beaufils
Henri Benaim
Veronica Chan
Sandy Huang
Grace Kim
Stephanie Lung
Vivek Pradhan
Briana Severson
Sara Shin
Rachel Zisser

Hunter UAP Studio

Richard Bass, Professor
Idan Amit
Mallory Baker
Aaron Fraint
Frank Futia
David Gaul
Lauren George
Emily Laskodi
Ryan Mayers
Andrew Ogulnik
Gustavo Orduz
James Rigert
Alexander Schaefer
Charles Yu

Board of Directors

Jukay Hsu
David Yang
Adam Belanich
Jessica Milner
Elias Roman



We are grateful for all of our sponsors and donors who make our activities and programs possible. Thank you for joining us and over 250 friends, supporters, and members of our community at our very first fundraiser, the Queens Tech Bash.

Thank you for the continued advice, leadership, and financial support that keep us running.

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Queens Tech Bash
Made in Manhattan

Financial Sponsors

In-Kind Sponsors

Individual Donors

Brian Cohen
Yindran Puspanathan
Andrew Rasiej
Justin McAuliffe
Jessica Milner
Mark Green
Adam Belanich
Marissa Olexa
Jia Shan-Lee
Janie Krasne
Peter Papamichael
Greg Smith
Ben Guttmann
Jenny Lee
Andrew and Nancy Kirby
Raul Martynek
David Khasidy
Sam Mendel
Zac Smith
Jeary Beals
James Collis
Marc Duquette
Andrew Fisher
Sol Hedaya
Arlyn Bungay
Shashank Bijapur
Yokemeng Chuah
Heejin Lho
Benjamin Thypin
Calvin Chu
Sara Shin
Sandy Huang
Alexander Samuel

Cody Myers
Nancy Sun
Amy Wang
Suyin So
Esther Kim
Grace Kim
Douglas Lee
Aaron Tai
Rachel Kaplowitz
Stephen Lin
Anna Lee
Sei-Wook Kim
Jennifer Jia
Ernesto Freire
Sean Tom
Patrick Yurgosky
Nicholas Schmidt
Alex Vayl
Aaron Welch
Rosemary DeFresco
Jeff Parkinson
Anand Sanwal
Steven Smyser
Brent Dial
Sophia Mokotoff
Donysa Vacharasanee
Tim Novikoff
Veronica Ludwig
Chris Green
Seth Bornstein
Marie Ternes
Brad Groznik

Alfonso Beaufils
Nicholas Griffin
Lina Gugucheva
Joshua Schneps
Robert Kriegsman
Greg Marsh
Michael Chau
Eugene Cha
Lindsay Goldwert
Dana Frankel
Juan Ramos
Meryl Benaim
Philip Kang
Thi Vu
Jon Dave Anderson
Charlene Beevers-Lin
Eyal Bino
Lynne Bolduc
Brion Bonkowski
Stephan Feilhauer
Sarah Fey
JP Laquer
Tia Link
Sam Machiz
Kimberly Venzke
Karen Lin
Karen Griffith Gryga
Myra Oneglia
Elizabeth Elston
Benjamin Friedman
Jia-Jun Yeo


Celebrating Queens Tech

We're continually inspired by the growth and accomplishments of Queens tech startups and companies. Our friends and neighbors are building innovative products, growing NYC tech, and making Queens a great place to work. We hope that our work can support their growth and contribute to their success.

Check out the exciting tech companies and entrepreneurs here in Queens.

"From just a few dudes in the beginning of 2012, Songza ended 2013 with a team of 33 full-time team members, a freelance crew of 55 music experts, and a shiny new office in Toronto. As always, Long Island City has afforded us the perfect place to think, grow and follow our mission of making what millions of people do every day better."

“2013 was a phenomenal year for KeyMe. We launched two revolutionary products, our key duplicating kiosks and our mobile app. Reception has been tremendous and we can’t wait to grow our kiosk network and add exciting new features to our mobile app in 2014”

"2013 was the year Shapeways brought 3D printing to everyone, making it more affordable and accessible to turn your ideas into reality. We're democratizing how products are made and by whom, and this is just the beginning."

Krate is a design + development studio based in the Long Island City. Founded in 2004, Krate works with brands and agencies to transform their ideas into inspired, bespoke experiences for the web and beyond.

"The team rolled out new Vengos to 50 premium NYC locations in 2013. The deployment marked a year in which the company grew from a prototype to a point-of-purchase, interactive platform for brands that engages nearly 1,000,000 influential consumers each month."

"2013 was the year an idea propelled us through a top accelerator program and transformed into a product that we proved restaurants can't live without. We tripled the number of paid clients on our platform from 3Q13 to 4Q13 and we have over 24,000 job seekers on the Easy Pairings platform. 2014 is the year we share it with every restaurant possible."

"We are incredibly honored to have had such an enthusiastic response to our launch from creative people around the world. In our first year since launch over 3 million creative works have been posted to See.Me from nearly every country on Earth. We love our members and we are thrilled about the expanded services and reach we will bring in 2014."

"WorldNow provides comprehensive digital publishing technology platforms and strategic advertising services for local media, primarily local television stations with news programming operations. in 2013 we hit our highest revenue and EBITDA in our 15+ year history (we founded the company in July 1998)."

"As of June 2013, NYC became Uber’s largest market, surpassing San Francisco (where Uber HQ is located). We ran two hugely successful neighborhood love campaigns - one in Brooklyn, the other Queens - during which we partnered closely with over 100 local NYC businesses.Our NYC team grew from less than 10, to more than 30 in the span of one year - all right here in Queens!"

“2014 is all about doggie domination. Or more specifically dog-tech coming to the rise. Having just come back from CES in Vegas, all the craze is now about the Internet of Things going mainstream. With Google buying Nest (e.g. connected homes), Google partnering up with Audi (connected cars), we strongly believe that there will be a huge increase in demand (and supply!) of connected devices for our four-legged family members.”

Tactonic Technologies is extending the boundaries of human-machine interaction with their pressure-sensing multi-touch and pressure imaging sensors. In 2013, Tactonic started shipping our 2'x2' Pressure Imaging Floor Tiles and announced Mobile Accessory using Tactonic Sensors at CES. Three Tier-1 Automotive Suppliers have built and are marketing products using Tactonic Sensors for Touch Control.

"2013 was a big year for us. We dove head-first into the Queens and Long Island City community, and we enjoyed every minute of it. We released the official tourism app for the borough of Queens, "This is Queens," with the Queens Chamber of Commerce and the I Love NY campaign We also helped launch Grain Brain by Dr. David Perlmutter in September - and our efforts helped the book reach #1 on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Amazon.We had a ton of fun, and significantly grew our business."

We’re looking forward to an exciting 2014.
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Special shout out to Dion Ridley and Greg Gundersen for helping us build this 2013 Year in Review